Sequis Rivera shows off her arched coffee dress, Kim Kardashian style

Sequis Rivera Placeholder Image She shared one of the most beautiful dresses of celebrities for this spring on her Instagram account. Eldest daughter Jenny Rivera He clarified that he has a heart attack figure and his fans have given him hundreds of good comments and compliments. Sequis One of the most influential group celebrities on social media.

Sequis Rivera Placeholder Image She is so beautiful every day and her curved figure is enviable. It doesn’t matter what you wear Sequis Rivera Placeholder Image She always finds a way to raise the temperature among her fans, they always ask for more postcards with colorful and tight dresses, although sometimes critics also come, some consider her to be Buchona, but she does not pay attention to these haters.

Always wastes eroticism. Photo: Special.

Sequis Rivera and his spectacular photo

It is true that, like everything else in life, there will always be conflicting opinions in civilization, but what is true Sequis Rivera Placeholder Image Has an important balance in Instagram, Because he always sets a course in every photo he shares.

This is one of his most recent releases, where the Sequis Rivera made his fans fall in love with the tight brown outfit, made of suede to cool in the heat, in style Kim Kardashian. There are thousands of reactions in the film showing the support and affection of the followers.

In the title of the photo he wrote: Always Diva, Never Indiva. I am a woman behind the scenes! He soon added something that would be considered news to announce his next musical.

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Always brings something to talk about

Recently SequisHe promised to drink only water with lemon in the morning before eating any food, except for any strenuous exercise. But on the show Tell me what you know It was revealed that he recently went to a plastic surgeon and it is not known what procedure was done, but it is believed it may have been a liposuction or similar treatment.


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