How do you find a co-functional space?

The Joint action in Bilbao It is a great choice for the self-employed. It allows them to develop their business without major obstacles. It is a tool that helps to easily find the best shared office in town.

Hire a co-working in the most exclusive Bilbao

Learn about the most attractive places to work in Bilbao:

Bilbao LabCorking

Bilbao Lab Coworking is an office that specializes in promoting the professional environment. Its offices create the ideal environment for developing networking. The spaces create bonds between the freelancers. In all cases, we guarantee the necessary calm.


Ehub offers Bilbao self-employed co-working rentals of all types. From stand alone offices to common areas, such as boardroom, kitchen, reception area and more.

Bilbo Cooking

At Bilbo Coworking they offer high quality Business Desks. It provides totally professional spaces. They undoubtedly improve the image of independent workers in Bilbao. They have all the areas needed to work efficiently.

How do you choose common spaces?

The quality of work does not depend only on professional skills. The workspace is also important. It is essential to learn how to choose the best co-working spaces. Bilbao rental co-working is viable if it meets the following requirements:

  • proper ventilation. Temperature is essential to work comfortably and be productive. Ensure that ventilation and lighting are optimal.

  • suitable spaces. Work areas should be large enough. Desks of this type favor creativity.

  • Fair legal terms. This is a requirement that must be carefully studied. Determine if the conditions imposed by the landlord suit you.

  • Flexible schedules. A dream co-working in Bilbao allows you to enter and exit facilities without major restrictions.

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reasonable prices. The rental fee shall be related to the services and facilities of the rental offices.

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