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Finding the perfect balance in the home to achieve well-organized spaces is a marathon task. The feeling that time flies by, the amount of things to organize, and the lack of space is always a constant torment. However, today there is Innovative solutions that can help you manage your spaces creatively, dedicating that free time to enjoying with family and spending time with your loved ones.

To achieve this “extra time”, you must choose practical and easy-to-manage products that meet the needs of different environments, which, in addition to saving space through optimized distribution, will allow you to have more free time that you can invest in other activities. Like spending more time with your kids.

That’s why Mariana Perez, head of the Organizing & Decorating line at Promart, recommends these five products to efficiently manage space and time in the home:

The organizers

They save space in different environments because they can store things and/or accessories that are usually scattered on the floor, bed, furniture, etc. The organizers are made of durable materials and can be easily and quickly adapted to any space, saving time putting them together.

Shoe racks

They will help organize your shoes better. You can find them in different models and materials, and they also adapt to the aesthetics of your home, providing order, elegance and saving space within home environments.

Robotic vacuum cleaner

The technology used in this product greatly contributes to saving time when starting to clean the house. These vacuum cleaners have a programming system that, when connected to a portable device, operates at intervals and can accommodate different spaces within the home, allowing you to perform other activities while cleaning your floors. There are all prices.

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Folding clotheslines

They are a must in every home. It takes up little space and can be stored in any cupboard. In addition, they work not only in rainy or very cold climates, where clothes cannot be removed, but also for small spaces in homes that, for example, do not have a garden or patio.

sofa bed

It’s a clever and versatile combination of sofa and bed, instantly creating a comfortable sleeping space. The sofa bed takes up minimal space and is an ideal piece of furniture for apartments with limited space or multifunctional rooms.

Finally, the expert recommends buying products and / or accessories that suit every space in the house without neglecting creativity and style.

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