Luis Miguel’s former manager recalls a “fight” the singer had in Aspen

Luis Miguel premiered his Latin America tour with full houses at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Photo by Diego Alberto Haliasz/Getty Images).

Luis Miguel, the singer known as “El Sol de Mexico”, has been a constant figure in the public sphere since his youth, captivating audiences with his talent and charisma on stage. However, behind his fame and success, there are lesser-known episodes that shed light on the less visible aspects of his life.

His return to the stage created euphoria among the Argentine population and fans in general, and it is known that he brought back old characters who had shared his life. One of them Polo MartinezA close friend and popular former manager of nearly 30 years.

Recently, Martinez recalled an incident in which the famous man apparently got into a fight with a man. It is noteworthy that the representative met Luisito Rey’s son when he was 13 years old.

The incident in Aspen

The incident took place at a restaurant in Aspen, USA. Polo recounted: “We were there and a guy came over to tell him to sing a bolero.”

On impulse, Translator of “La Pigina”. He replied that he would do it for $250,000, but the man asked him who he was “and that’s when the problem started. I caught the owner who came to protect the man, but it turns out he was a customer,” Polo explained. .

The situation escalated and popularity pushed the owner. With this in mind, the manager escorted him out of the venue: “Luis Miguel beats me!”

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At the events, Polo Luis Miguel shared that he never faced an attack or security problems.

Luis Miguel and Veronica Castro?

During the speech, reporters inquired about “El Sol’s” romantic successes, and in particular, the rumors surrounding his relationship with Mexican actress and host Veronica Castro. Although the expert tried to maintain his position, his appearance gave him: “Yes, a little (he won her)”, said Christian Castro’s mother, a godly woman.

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