iPhone 14 Pro’s battery capacity is reduced after a year

iPhone users worry about fast battery drain!

A year after its launch, users are complaining about the iPhone 14

In recent months, a growing number of iPhone 14 Pro users have taken to X and other social media platforms to share screenshots of their mobile device’s “maximum capacity” battery. Movement translates A common complaint was that his iPhone’s battery capacity was “bad”.

What bothers or bothers these people so much Accelerated battery wear Happening in less than a year Official launch of iPhone 14 Pro. The immediate effect of this degradation is that the battery life will be very short and it may affect the performance of the operating system. However, iOS has specific measures to balance performance and battery health.

What can affect iPhone performance?

To measure your iPhone’s battery capacity, you need to enter the app “System”Select “battery” Then touch “Battery Status and Charge”. According to Apple, the number that appears on your screen is the “battery capacity measurement when it was new.”

In shared screenshots, iPhone 14 Pro users are seen at 90 to 85% of maximum capacity. According to Bitten Apple, It is recommended to replace the iPhone battery when the maximum capacity is less than 80%. What’s surprising is that this is starting to happen within a year of the device’s launch.

Although the people from Cupertino have not directly commented on these complaints, some experts indicate that there are some Possible reasons why users may experience a change in their iPhone 14 Pro’s “Maximum Capacity” rating. First, Apple may have adjusted the algorithm for how this number is calculated compared to previous iPhone models.

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Second, iOS 17 beta may have had a big impact on iPhone battery health. Well, some details like battery and power management are less refined in beta versions of iOS than in versions released to the general public.

Another possibility is the exclusive features of the iPhone 14 Pro Since the screen is always on, it affects the overall health of the battery. The display is said to reach a maximum of 2000 nits in outdoor environments, double that of the iPhone 13 Pro.

Performance Impact

To understand the battery life of iPhones, it is important to note that these devices use lithium ion batteries. In a support document, Apple explains that as a battery ages, the amount of charge it can hold decreases, and this results in a shorter period of time before the device needs to be recharged again. Finally, all these will affect the performance of the device in some way.

Although the power management system in iPhone 14 Pro is more advanced than previous versions, the performance impact of battery aging can be highlighted by: longer usage times, lower frame rate noise, reduced wireless data performance, backlight dimming or lower speaker volume.

But, as mentioned above, iOS is capable of managing the balance between performance and battery health. “Built-in dynamic hardware and software settings help compensate for noticeable performance impacts as your iPhone battery chemically ages,” says Apple.

Life in cycles

An important factor that contributes to the health of your iPhone battery is the number of charge cycles. That is, how many times your mobile has been charged. You can’t get this data through Apple, but there are third-party apps for Mac that allow you to connect your iPhone to your Mac and look up the number with the “Cycle Count” option.

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Finally, as your phone’s battery ages, it may need to be charged more often The more you charge your iPhone, the faster your battery ages. It’s like a game depending on how you use the device.

You can find it with this information Reduce how often you charge your phone And using low-voltage charging options is healthier for your devices.

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