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Whether it’s fashion, video games, movies or TV series, everything is exciting Retro The Vintage Until a long time ago teenagers and now parents were widely accepted by generations. Well, social networks have been added to this trend of restoring the old because you are with us The trick to making WhatsApp sound like the old MSN Messenger.

At the beginning of this century that messaging system marked a whole generation, and we can say that it was the first social network where you could communicate via text with a list of contacts belonging to the hotmail domain. One thing that is especially memorable in MSN Messenger is the noise and sound I got a message from you and now what have I done You can recreate it Share.

What is MSN Messenger?

Maybe you are too young to know, but MSN Messenger was launched in 1999 This is a real event as it is the first messaging app of its kind. It was used on the computer Due to the lack of smartphones – initially there was only text and some emojis, so you can sit in front of the screen for many hours and have simple conversations.

Over time, they were added Ambassador New functions like sounds, emoticons, buzzes and the option to customize each chat window by changing the backgrounds and fonts.

Consider this project The “father” of apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp And social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram And TikTok, which laid the foundation for real-time content communication and distribution, but In 2013 it disappeared Due to strong competition.

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WhatsApp Trick: How to install MSN Messenger ringtone

  1. Search the Internet for sound in the name of “Dukutin DMSN Messenger”.
  2. Download this ringtone in MP3 format Save it on the cell phone you want to apply for.
  3. Since you downloaded, Open WhatsApp and click Setting up (Symbol with three dots in the upper right corner).
  4. Select the section Settings And then click Announcements.
  5. You have to choose the option Notice tone, Which will display a list of sounds available on your mobile.
  6. Here you have to select the audio “Dukutin” In the first step you have downloaded, Save changes And that’s it.

If you follow this process in the letter You can enjoy the old tone of MSN Messenger on WhatsApp When you receive the announcement, remember those vintage vibes and good times.

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