They deny the charge in the Chilean Senate

(CNN Español) – The Chilean Senate has not approved the constitutional charge against President Sebastian Pinara. The vote needed to move the motion was not forthcoming: two-thirds of the Senate (29 votes) could not be ousted.

There was indictment Approved by Chile’s House of Representatives on November 9.

Opposition groups in Chile agreed to file a constitutional indictment against Piñera in early October, revealing a sale and purchase agreement in the British Virgin Islands Minera Dominga, where the president’s family sold their part of the plan to another Chilean businessman.

In Chile, constitutional indictment is a mechanism by which Congress seeks to clarify political responsibility in high public office for any violation of the Constitution. Following a political investigation, the defendant may be removed from office or disqualified from office.

Previously, Piñera had already denied any irregularities in the sale of the Dominga mining project.

In 2019, the House of Representatives and House of Representatives already tried to launch a constitutional indictment against Pinara for “grave and systematic violations of human rights committed by government agents” during the social upheaval, but the action was not successful because it was not collected. Required votes.

With information from Cristopher Ulloa and CNN Chile

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