Play Nintendo Classics on iPhone with Delta Emulator

If you are a fan of classic games and Enjoy Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color or Nintendo DS titles on your iPhoneHere we explain how to do it legally and easily using Delta Emulator.

To enjoy your favorite classic games on iPhone, you can download ROMs and use Delta Emulator to ensure a nostalgic and legal experience.

Delta Emulator Download

  • Outside the EU: You can download Delta directly from the App Store for free.
  • Within the European Union: You need to download Delta via AltStore, an alternative store. An AltStore subscription costs 1 euro per year, but allows access to apps not available in the official App Store.

Rom download

Follow these steps to get the ROMs of the games you want to play:

  1. Search for ROMs: Go to Google and search for “Download GBA Roms”, “Download GBC Roms” or “Download Nintendo DS Roms”. Sites like WOW-ROMs One Retrostic They offer a wide selection.
  2. Select the game: On the download website, go to the most popular categories or search for the specific game you want. Click on “Download ROM”.
  3. Download and decompression:
    • The ROM will be downloaded in a ZIP file.
    • Open Safari, tap the two “A”s at the top and go to “Downloads” to see where the file was saved.
    • If the file was downloaded to iCloud Drive, unzip it.
    • The resulting file will be a file with the extension .gba For example, the Game Boy Advance.
  4. Play with Delta:
    • Open Delta Emulator.
    • Load the unzipped ROM file.
    • Start playing!

Having trouble playing Nintendo Classics?

Find out how to configure Delta Emulator here Can continue to play Nintendo titles on your iPhone. You need to install the necessary firmware files that improve the emulator's compatibility and performance.

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Important considerations

  • is legal: Make sure you download ROMs only if you have the original copy of the game as downloading ROMs without rights violates copyright laws.
  • Privacy & Security: When downloading files from the Internet, especially from ROM sites, always check the security of the site to avoid downloading malicious files.

By following these steps, You can enjoy your favorite games directly on your iPhone, respecting the terms and taking advantage of the facilities offered by Delta Prototype. This guide provides a simple and legal way to restore gaming classics on modern devices.

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