Fortnite presents the first trailer for Season 3 of Chapter 5

In a few days, Battle Royale will update its island with many new features

Fortnite is ready to get a new season

Epic Games Surprised Players Through Social Networks By Fastening Their Seat Belts: The New Season Fortnite Just around the corner and already there The first trailer. Season 3 of episode 5 will start in a few daysSo releasing a preview to warm up the engines is a big win.

You can see how in the trailer A storm approaches the island, which may cause some of the locations on the map to change. Fortunately, the characters in the game will be equipped with different types of vehicles such as motorcycles and SUVs.

While there isn't much information about what to expect from the new season, the trailer has its brands in evidence. Marvel and Zenimax appear alongside Epic Games. The first is that you can expect any kind of Avengers skin or well-known character, while the second is a collaboration with Fallout.

Fortunately, you only have to wait a few days to clear your doubts about the Battle Royale news. Season 3 of Chapter 5 will begin next Friday, May 24, 2024 After the update, the game will shut down the servers indefinitely.

More Fortnite news

Before looking forward to collaborating with Loki, Fortnite is counting on My Hero Academia to add new features once again Characters like Tomura Shigaraki, Tobi, and Himiko Toka wreak havoc on the island through League of Villains, with costumes and accessories now available in the store. For its part, Billie Eilish is featured in Fortnite Festival Season 3 Giving it all away, we're also giving you a preview of their next song, Chihiro.

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For all of this, Fortnite's return to iPhone will be sooner than expected, according to a leaker, though Epic Games is currently not commenting on when that will happen. A movement will be historic After the lawsuit the developer experienced with Apple.

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