Interesting reason why Manchester City fans celebrated their title with bananas

City of Manchester 3-1 win against West Ham Premier League 2023/24, reaching a historic four-time championship. outside, Their fans drew attention by celebrating the championship with inflatable bananas. A movie that is not new to citizens but its cause is little known.

The image of the banana is closely linked to racial issues, not only in England, but the cases of many football players in the world throwing fruit or skin at them prove this. The case of the city is not an exception, although it has a beautiful peculiarity: Born from a fan named Frank Newton who decided to carry an inflatable banana For a match against Plymouth Argyle in the English Second Division in 1987, In order to express solidarity with the protagonists who are victims of racism.

In those years, the stigma and discrimination was much greater than it is now. Or, at least, less condemned. The eye of the storm was on footballer John Barnes, a Jamaican who had joined Liverpool from Watford, and was constantly attacked with chants and banana peels.

The idea became popular, fans replicated it and the city became identified with inflatable bananas.

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