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The head of Serie A, the technical director of the Independente del Valle, pointed out that he had attacked his students against Olmedo, three points ahead of the electricians.

After Raydos’ 5-0 win over Olmeto on Sunday, Renato Biva was surprised to hear that the Portuguese manager of the Independente del Valle, Licapro, was the Emelec captain for the current round of Serie A. He stressed that the Pichincha team enjoys being located “first place equal, second place three points above”., Millionaire Club, which temporarily tied the score on Saturday.

At the Banco Guayaquil Stadium (Quito), in a match valid for the 12th day of the second leg of the Ecuadorian football championship, the Independente crushed the hurricane, which had already been pushed to Serie B next year. Jonathan Baman, Who scored the match goal, scored a hat-trick (minutes 16, 53 and 69), while Nicolas Previtali scored a double (26 and 27). Locals benefited from Sergio Quintero’s steering wheel kick as part of the visit..

The day before, on Saturday, Emelek won at City Stadium (0-1) in Guayaquil and reached the 24 points (+10 goal difference) that the Independents had accumulated until then. The first stage winner of Serie A 2021, the electric cast, aims to win the second half of the competition and, as a result, reach the national title without participating in the final.

One of Baiwa’s first revelations at a recent post-match press conference was reported by the radio station on social media Networking, Was: “The first place is equal, the second is three points above. Last night (Saturday) I was surprised to hear that Emelek was a mouse. There are three more finals (defining matches in the second round), very difficult ”.

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Meanwhile, about the game against Hurricane Riobambeño, the Portuguese strategist analyzed: “I think we scored 33 shots, twelve goals and five goals. This is again an awesome game plan. We played the final with some changes in the opening eleven. I’m so proud of the answer, we did not give Olmedo a choice. We adjusted the performance against Monta and Technico (both tied 1-1 in Kyoto). We do not violate those defensive lines. Against Liga (from Gido, 2-0 win) it went from you to you. Today we made a tactical change, creating benefits by the players coming from behind. It is our duty to realize how we win, equalize or lose. Creativity starts from locations. We put Previtali high; It has the ability to create and complete gaps.

With three more days left, the main candidate for independent victory. Records 27 points +17 goal difference. Pia’s cast travels to Guayaquil City (date 13), an important battle against Emelek in Quito (14) and another field trip to Deportivo Quinca (15 and last).. (D)

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