Pandemic increased use of mass graves; cementaries ran out of space

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In just over a year and a half that the pandemic has lasted, it has been enough time for the space to inhume in one of the cemeteries that are located in the north of Tampico is over.

It was between 2019 and 2020 that The municipality was able to recover a space of land that it had ceded to the Tamaulipeco Institute of Housing and Urbanism (ITAVU), with the aim of expanding said cemetery that serves the north of Tampico.

Lizbeth García Aldape, director of Cemeteries in the municipality, explained that During the pandemic, the acquisition of places where they could bury their relatives grew.

“In the Borreguera cemetery (Solidaridad, Voluntad y Trabajo neighborhood) we have no spaces, you remember that the ITAVU area was recovered, but there is no space,” explained the municipal authority.

Remembered that It was in a short period of time that the spaces for families to carry out burial processes ran outIn other words, in the blink of an eye, 250 places were occupied.

“In June the pandemic was at its peak and we did not want to make it known that we had places available, but in July it began to sell, I spoke to the person in charge and at this moment there are no places,” he said.

What happened with the municipal cemetery of La Borreguera is an indicator of population growth in the northern part of the city, which for now will only have the municipal cemetery located in the Colinas de San Gerardo neighborhood.

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“We have places in the Municipal Cemetery of Tampico, the one on Hidalgo Avenue and in the north, in one of the cemeteries behind the IMSS wake. We have given ourselves the task in this administration of being able to have spaces for the demand of the people and thanks to God we have been able to cover that need ”, he explained.

Even the director of Pantheons in the city said, There is a project to build niches in cemeteries in the north, since the pandemic also left behind a need for cremations because of the coronavirus.

In the cemetery of Hidalgo Avenue, García Aldape said, they are constantly taking on the task of recovering sites, either because they are many years old and do not have the property title, or simply because of the abandonment that may exist.

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