They fear that people will get stuck

(CNN) – It is feared that people may have been trapped under the rubble of a 21-storey building collapse in Lagos, Nigeria, on Monday.

The luxury apartment building, located in the wealthy Ikoi area of ​​the capital, was under construction. It is not known how many people were inside when it collapsed.

“When I ran out of my apartment after 3pm I thought it was an earthquake. I felt the building move and I knew something was wrong,” Olu Abada, a nearby resident and chairman of the Bar Association, told CNN from Nigeria.

Aboda said the building has been under construction for the past two years and the developer will meet with potential buyers early Monday.

The building collapsed on Monday in Lagos, Nigeria.

Videos and photos shared on social media showed people inspecting the crash site, where concrete slabs were stacked in a pile of rubble.

Building collapse is a relatively common occurrence in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city of about 20 million people.

In 2019, dozens of people died when two different buildings, including a school, collapsed.

An expert at the time told CNN that more than 1,000 buildings in Lagos were in danger of collapsing.

This is a growing story.

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