Pope Francis accepts the resignation of Monsignor Mata and appoints Rolando Alvarez, Monsignor temporarily in the Diocese of Estella

Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Monsignor Juan Apelardo Mata from the diocesan government of the Diocese of Estelle, and announced the appointment of Monsignor Rolando Alvarez, Bishop of Madagalpa, as the Apostolic Administrator of the “vacant seat” of the Diocese of Estella.

The Apostolic Nuncio of Nicaragua, led by Monsignor Voltaire Stanislaw Somerdock, announced the pope’s decision in a press release dated Tuesday, July 6th.

The letter also explains that Monsignor Rolando Alvarez will be in charge of the diocese of Estelle until the appointment and appointment of the new bishop of that church circular.

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The On June 26, it was confirmed that the Vatican was waiting for Monsignor Mata to officially announce her retirement Estelle as Bishop of the Diocese. Since 1990, Mata has dedicated 31 years of her life as a pastor of that jurisdiction.

“As soon as I reach my 75th birthday, I have an obligation to submit my resignation by appointment order. On May 24 of this year, I executed my order a month before that specific date: my 75th birthday, ”Monsignor Mata told LA PRENSA at the time.

Monsignor Alvarez thanked the Apostolic Nuncio for accepting the new mission entrusted to him by letter.

“Holy Father Francis, I thank him for his limited strength and ability. Christ himself guides, directs, shapes, and supports this church, which is not the work of men, but of God,” says the letter dated Tuesday, July 6th.

In the message, Madagalpa Bishop Estelle praised the outspokenness, courage, effort and work of Monsignor Mata in the diocese.

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On May 24, he submitted his resignation in accordance with the canonical rules governing the Catholic Church around the world.

What will you do next?

Bishop Mata shared with the newspaper on June 26, when his resignation was accepted and when Holy See announced his retirement, that he “thinks about collaborating in the formation of seminars, creating a spiritual center and helping young people closer to their labor training in the agricultural world, and Christian formation. To the center.I follow Don Pascoe’s goal: to create honest citizens and good Christians.

“There is much more to be done in this loving country to dream of a nation where God and His Angel Jesus Christ are loved from the heart,” he insists. Right now, in a clear message to Monsignor Mata Nicaraguan, in the midst of so much suffering and uncertainty, “God did not create useless human beings, the irreplaceable link of every human being in the chain of redemption; As a result, we can not be infertile: infertility is a betrayal of God – loving plans, and how good it is to open the eyes of others to discover one’s own existence.

The church should be next to the town

Asked about the role the church should play in Nicaragua amid the worsening socio-political crisis and the worsening human rights crisis, he said it was “standing by the people.”

The role that Always has always played is with God’s people in history, and therefore with those who are at the forefront of this people created by God’s children. This task is further exacerbated when the world of men enters into crisis (or the Church itself enters crisis) because of the desire for power and domination that destroys all healthy coexistence, hurts brotherhood among men, and kills the power of dialogue. We become wolves to others: A man is a wolf Which means man to man wolf or man to man wolf.

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The church has a history of “pushing” the regenerative work of man, and by constantly preaching the word of God, prayer – the ‘charity’ toward God – and the spiritual works of corporal and grace – ‘charity’ to others. It should be encouraged in the most difficult times, such as the times when people define their future as citizens, “Monsignor Mata told LA PRENSA.

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