Another fan misjudged the safety of Bonucci Wembley

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One of the most incredible scenes Eurocup This happened when one of the security guards of the stadium was playing Wembley Confusing Leonardo Bonucci With a fan, he thought he wanted to jump from the stand onto the building’s lawn after Italy’s goal.

It all happened so quickly Choice From Italy Approaching one side of the field, the rostrum was celebrated Go to the finals From Euro 2021. At that moment an arbitrator wanted to approach him and the security people stopped him.

After celebrating close to the people, Bonucci When the security officer stopped him he returned to go to the rest of the team. This situation led to security Juventus PThey wore a surprised face until they let him pass.

It was part of a colorful celebration that lived on among the followers Blue In the semifinals, they won Spain In the penalty shootout to approach the finals next Sunday.

Celebrations in Italy

Other moments lived in celebration of Italy’s players were when the players and coaching staff were dedicated A song for the defender Spinozola It is a redemption Heel Heel Surgery. Others chose to run screaming the bass with fans closest to the field.

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