“Among the tigers I was a youth, now I am the reinforcement”: Juan José Purata Mediotimpo

John Joseph Puratta He decided to leave Tigers This summer, after four years in the first team; migrated to Major League Soccer With a suitcase full of illusions and Landed at Atlanta United who drives Gonzalo Pineda; Its impact was immediate.

Mexican Guardian Stands out with three goals and participating as holder; It’s yours Ceased to be seen as a teenager and considered as a Recommender With the desire to show their maximum football potential. Your time has come!

“Inside Tigers I was there a long time, nine years, and I left the base forces there; It wasn’t a very young group nor did it offer many opportunities for those from the base powers. I stayed in the first team for four years I was always young, Basic forcesYoung people, it is normal for the team to a certain extent, i.e. with high hierarchy, a big team, i.e Accustomed to foreign reinforcements. I come here and Now I am a foreigner, ReinforcementComing from outside has a different impact”, declared Pirates at halftime.

Good performance by Purata

The 24-year-old has started nine of the 10 games he has played Atlanta United; The Mexican already has three goals against City of Orlando, Crew of Columbus And this weekend vs DC UnitedA dream come true for the player who arrived Milli as A loan with an option to purchase.

Yes, positioning myself quickly crossed my mind, the idea was; I left Mexico Milli To: establish myself. And I want to continue the line that has always characterized me of always working hard to achieve more. Yes, everything I was living was in my head,” he opined. Turn over.

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However, he admits it At first it cost him physical adaptationHe did not participate in pre-season after the summer Tigers To complete his transfer to MLS, but since then he has assimilated the language easily.

“This is football, I changed into styleFor rhythm, for the way the league plays, it’s more intense than it is MexicoThis is Fast-paced football, and also physical; Teammates, coaching staff and Gonzalo (Pineda) made me feel comfortable from day one. Language does not dominate it one hundred percentBut I understand many thingsI can express myself on and off the pitch, I can have a conversation, it’s no problem”.

John Joseph He also said half time It was “in the first training sessions The physical part costs me, Came on vacation, stopped for a while, without much work in the field, but one picks up the rhythm they had. They don’t have holidays, they have a long competition; Later, they came at a higher competitive rate I had to get into that rhythm quickly”.

Although in Atlanta United It is clear that the emphasis is on defense and not on the scoring aspect Milli It is also a good site Allow him to integrate In an integrated way as a football player and with that – why not search one day Come to football in Europe.

“It depends on the perspective one wants and the perspective one wants, many people say coming to MLS is coming on vacation, but everyone has their perspective. Maybe many young people have the illusion of playing in another country or Mexico going to Europe, but MLS can help you because it is widely seen by European teams. A league and that’s my mindset: Let MLS help me integrate. I want to make that leap to EuropeThis is what has been in my mind since childhood”.

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