Psychological thriller starring Sofia Gala in Espacio Incaa

Jul 11 ​​2022 – 01:01
The Gogoi Tribune spoke with Lucia Vasallo, the film’s director.

The national film “Exquisite Corpse” will be shown on Friday at 6:00 pm in the Cine Auditorium Espacio Incaa Mercosur located on Istiklal Avenue, near the corner of Italy in our capital. The Gogoi Tribune spoke with director Lucia Vasallo, who pointed out that this psychological thriller starring Sofia Gala Castiglione, Neves Villalba, Rafael Spiegelboard, Lorena Vega and Analia Cocero, among others. Documentaries (“Prison at the Apocalypse -2013-“, “Línea 137”-2020- and “Transoceánicas”-2020-) are about Clara who finds her friend Blanca, floating without vital signs in the bathtub at home. After the situation shatters her She seeks refuge in Blanca’s memories while she is in the hospital in a coma. Little by little, Clara begins to discover Blanca that she didn’t know. From that moment on, a path of physical and psychological transformation begins in order to somehow possess her.

“It’s a film that is far from reality, it has toured many great festivals and horror films and the story is about two girls where one (Sofia Gala’s character) takes on the identity and lives of the other, which is an albino girl played by Neves Villalba in her first movie role. Very complex, with suspense, it is a psychological thriller. In addition, it has a buto dance ensemble, which is a very contemporary Japanese dance style. Which generates very impressive visuals,” said the director primarily.

He then explained that it is a project that originated in 2015 and was realized thanks to the Opera Prima Award from the National Institute of Film and Audiovisual Arts (Incaa). “I wrote the script with Sebastian Cortes in connection with an idea I had, and together we shaped it over 3 years. Thanks to the money we got from Incaa in 2019, we were able to shoot, although with a 120-page script we couldn’t Of filming only 80 pages, for budget reasons and in far fewer days than is normally used to make a film.” . He later revealed that due to their limited funds, he considered giving up on the project. “But I’m glad I’ve moved on, now the movie is on the bill for five weeks and with very good repercussions. It’s a great achievement to have it released, and we’ve been lucky enough to sell it overseas,” he said.

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Director Luca Vasallo spoke to our media.

Then I was surprised by the reception the film received. “I am amazed at the audience response and the media repercussions which have been so good and that’s so good for national cinema. The Exquisite Corpse has been in many commercial theaters which is not normal, however, the poster has been shared with tanks like Jurassic Park or the latest from Pixar. And now She begins to tour the country. So I am very happy.”

Then talk about the cast. “The acting is uneven in the sense that it includes non-actors like Nieves Villalba, actors with cinematic experience like Sofía Gala and other big names who come to the stage like Rafael Spregelburd, Lorena Vega or Analía Couceyro,” he said. He highlighted the work of the supporters. “Sofia Gala, All-Terrain Actress and Nieves Villalba we found her after several months of auditions, because she had to have albinism, and she was able to fulfill this very risky proposal. As a manager, I made the decision to encourage myself to work with her, who did not She never acts, put it on screen with other experienced actors, despite the fact that in return, the shortcomings can be noted.So we worked with her for about six months because she is a very strong story and she had the support of Lorena Vega (who is involved in the film) who is a theater teacher And she helped me in training and in the most difficult scenes in terms of acting.”

In addition, tell what was the experience of transitioning from a documentary to a feature film. “It was fun and interesting, I had a great time. The big problem with literature for me is funding because it costs a lot more to make a novel than to make a documentary and one has to be creatively constrained in costs. For me that was the most complicated thing, but for everything Another I loved because he invents a world that doesn’t exist and has something very interesting at some point,” he emphasized.

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Finally, she emphasized that she is already involved in other projects. “With Maria Fernandez Aramburu, we are working on a documentary about women and dissidents making films in the country with the aim of depicting this trend that, fortunately, started telling our stories what didn’t happen because they were always the guys what the films did and in general from Buenos Aires. Then I work on work My fiction is called “Carousel”, it is a co-production with Spain, it is a teenage story that initially took place in a city in Argentina but now we are thinking of shooting it in Malaga, it’s not a very big movie, it’s not very expensive but here we can’t finance it and to make fiction at this time with some Ease, we have to put together joint productions,” he emphasized in the conclusion.

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