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Where is Kareka?

In Buenos Aires, on vacation. There, in contrast to what happened after Russia’s declassification, he avoided a televised road show and thus overexposure to a matter that paralyzes the country as much as the rise of gasoline: stay or go. There, in the coming weeks, the president of the FPF, Agustin Lozano, will travel to resume talks about the continuation of the ‘Tiger’, which, as far as DT knows in the last few hours, is “fluid, confident and intent on continuing”. The fatigue after Australia is logical – more or less, Two months of previous work- and the distance is good to clear any cloud that prevents renewal.According to a recent survey by Ipsos Peru and El Comercio, 88% of soccer fans wanted a few days before the painful match with Australia.

When will we get a definitive answer?

First, a detail: As of today, both sides seem intent on continuing. Perhaps Juan Carlos Oblitas, director of the exam, emphasized more: “I have a plan and that is Kareka plan”. Lozano was more diplomatic on a TV channel: “We talk a lot and we both believe it’s good to take some time and things will work out with patience”. Then when will we get the final answer? Sources in Videna confirmed to DD that the final announcement will be made after July 15, i.e. next Friday.

What is resolved?

Old note retrieved from archive: “Peru Receives Millionaire Prize for FIFA Classification”. They are from pre-Russian times and are said to be worth close to $10 million. We did not walk; We floated and the income from sponsorship was not included there. Well, that number no longer exists: Peru is not at the World Cup in Qatar, and although it is not a confederation of handicaps – the mighty Adidas has signed a contract to outfit the team until 2026 -, they do not have the same resources. . In this scenario, renewal is also discussed. Although neither Lozano nor Garecao talked about the money at the breakfast at the Hotel Country – the issue on the part of the technician was resolved by his lawyer Mario Cubelli, the fact is that there is no intention to reduce his salary from the FPF. “It’s important to understand the current situation and plan for the next World Cup from there”, they say from FPF. One possible equation would be to adjust the current payments to cover the entire technical command, with a payment to balance them with a prize for classification.

Do you have other offers?

Yes or was. A concrete one, through his environment – the Qatar team- and another approach – Egypt, as a replacement for Carlos Queiroz. In both cases, unofficially. In the past few hours, Boca Juniors have rehearsed their situation. However, Kareka told them “no” as he is still in talks to continue as Red and White coach.

Is the FPF going to make a decision regarding the club?

This week the FPF will announce a series of measures to strengthen the structures of Peruvian football in a press conference ahead of the next qualification process. Karega knows this. As DD learnt, these guidelines include the first and second clubs, the licensing authority and the team’s next World Cup commitment: the 2023 U-17 World Cup in Gallo and the organization in Chiclayo. In fact, two FIFA ambassadors came to Lima to oversee the process and guarantee the support of soccer’s highest body.

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