They're not spaceships: interstellar intruders are more common than previously thought

Interstellar intruders could provide a great opportunity, without going that far, to see what other regions and worlds in the universe are like.

Not long ago, in 2017An object was discovered on the island of Hawaii Shelter, through the telescope. So far there doesn't seem to be anything unusual. However, when inquiring about the nature of the body, Scientists saw that they were encountering something strange. It turned out that they had found something that could exist in theory, but seeing it in reality was different. We're talking about 'Oumuamua, A space rock cuts through the intruders' barrier between the stars In the solar system.

At first there was confusion. News spread around the world, especially as many theories began to come into play. The most daring came from Avi Loebastrophysicist Harvard university (United States) Who said that? 'Oumuamua It could be an extraterrestrial ship.

Two years later, an event of the same category occurred. On August 30, 2019, Gennady BorisovDiscover an amateur astronomer somethingWhich was later named in his honor, Coming from outside the solar system.

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2I/ BorisovAs the body was identified, it did not bring the same mystery as the previous one. After their observations, scientists concluded that this was a comet. Although it actually came from Another region of the universeBecause it was not linked to the sun's gravity.

A few years after these events, scholars are now beginning to consider that eventually, Interstellar intruders may not be as strange as thought. This is what appears in the research work of Theo Nikitopoulosan independent science journalist whose article was published in Knowledge Magazine.

The solar system can receive many visitors

at work Nikitopoulos The ad has been recovered David Jewetta planetary scientist and co-author of a review of current knowledge of Interstellar Intruders in it Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics 2023. According to the specialist. There could be about 10,000 interstellar objects in Neptune's orbit alone..

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Considering that in the coming years there may be news of more Interstellar IntrudersScientists already see an opportunity to do so soon Exploring the properties of distant planetary systems And of course exoplanets.

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