P1 of the Las Vegas GP was canceled after 9 minutes of action

He Las Vegas Grand Prix It started in a very bad way. This Thursday First free trainingHowever, it ended after 9 minutes of action Cancelled, a fault on the track caused Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) to abandon the session. The stewards determined that the drivers could not race under those conditions, so they decided to finish P1.

The FIA ​​did not reveal why Sainz dropped the first practice Las VegasBut the media did, and it shared that there was already one hole In the area where the Spaniard passed 9 minutes of action in his Ferrari. A drain cover reportedly came loose, exposing the hole.

What happened to Carlos Sainz?

Carlos Sainz Like the other drivers, he was going around one lap and trying to set the best time, however, he was passed. hole A few moments later his The car stoppedAs the motion affected his car.

The Formula 1 After passing through the hole, the machine Signs Ferrari turned off The Spaniard was unable to continue participating in this Thursday’s recognition session due to the red flag.

Those who are currently in charge of the circuit Work at a compelling pace Troubleshoot and check that there is no other damage to the circuit The second is free training It was planned at 2:00 p.m bellYes (Central Mexico time).

FIA introduces the official version

The FIA ​​indicated at the Las Vegas circuit A concrete frame failed was Around a manhole cover. Any change in schedules or calendars will be communicated in due course, the company added.

“In the study, what is there failure Is he Concrete frame around a manhole cover. Now we have to check all the other manhole covers and that will take some time. We will discuss with the local circuit engineering team how long it will take to resolve the issue and We will notify you of any changes That occurs in the table”.

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