October 10 Thermoelectric leaves the system

In the evening of this August 14, official reporters reported that the National Electricity System (SEN) exited the “10 de Octobre” thermoelectric plant located in the municipality of Neuvitas, Gamagay, due to a frequency known technically as automatic discharge. By Frequency (DAF).

According to the official journalist covering these issues, Jose Miguel Solís commented on his profile Facebook Consequently, the departure of CTE on October 10 was due to DAF.

The reporter then explained, “The trip by frequency or the automatic discharge by frequency is a protection for the electrical system when the frequency reaches the minimum permissible values, which endangers the stability of the entire system and causes disconnection. Until some circuits return to its nominal value of 60 Hz or cycles per second.

Blackout in Cuba: The situation worsens

Comments immediately erupted on social networks: “Something had to happen, worse since September. It can’t be achieved in the summer”.

We are salty, the number of exploitation of all thermoelectric plants affects us without getting new investments for years, only patches, years of high inflation lead us to the situation we are experiencing today”, added another.

In addition to this unexpected evacuation from the Nuevitas facility, CTE Felton’s Unit 2 was down, CTE Mariel’s Unit 5 and CTE Renté’s Unit 6 were under maintenance.

Similarly, three mills were unavailable due to fuel shortage (14 MW) and six machines were unavailable for mobile production of melons (90 MW). Due to fuel scarcity, there are 22 distribution plants with limited coverage.

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