New Zealand government calls for public consultation to change the country’s space policy

The New Zealand government, through the Department for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), has called for a public consultation to “seek views and comments on grassroots interests in space and the values ​​and goals that underpin New Zealand’s space policies”. Country “.

The comments received will be compiled into a report that assists the New Zealand government to create or modify space policies and consider:

– The Create a national space policy: A document outlining New Zealand’s values ​​and goals in space, including for its international partners.

Clarifying New Zealand’s broad interests in space Through multiple activities and participations: including in UN forums and with international partners in the field of space and security.

Develop future space strategiesPolicies and Regulatory Changes: including amending policies and regulations to keep pace with developments in space technology.

Greater commitment to space policy With the New Zealand public: including any key areas of interest identified through the consultation.

Consider whether legislative changes are required In the 2017 Highlands and Outer Space Activities Act.

“This is an opportunity for you to give your opinion on the government’s approach to space activities, engaging with international partners and using space technologies and data,” said Secretary of Economic and Regional Development Stuart Nash.

“Space has also become more crowded and complex, and making sure it is used sustainably has become a global challenge. As a small nation We have an interest in a strong rules-based international order that ensures the responsible and peaceful use of space. The data we gain from space can help us address a range of critical challenges for New Zealand and the world, and provide an opportunity to model sustainable practices in new ways. As the Minister responsible for all payloads launched from New Zealand, I am well aware that we need to ensure that our system and the principles and policies we adhere to remain consistent with the expectations of New Zealanders.”

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