What is the best way to apologise?

find The best way to apologize It is not easy if we consider that often in doing so other factors such as our insecurities and even grudges we already hold with some people can be overridden. However, if we decide Ask for forgiveness It is important to do it sincerely and in the most sincere way possible. To do this, there are some ways that are better in terms of their results.

After all, learn The best way to apologize It’s part of what defines us as human beings, because we all make mistakes from time to time and being able to recognize them means that There is enough sympathy The desire to improve and give someone else a good version of our personality. I mean, no one is perfect, but getting closer is finding ways to be Be the best version of yourself It’s a big step.

This does not mean that there is a formula to find The best way to apologize This applies to everyone equally. Naturally, there are moments that require certain words and others that require certain actions, etc. What yes, is that according to the investigation that some PsychologistsEspecially thinking of ways to achieve words Audiences that seem sincere and if they exist Ask for forgivenesshave positive results, there are some factors that make way of apologizing Something much more My confirmation from other ways.

Phrases like, “I’m sorry you feel this way” or “I think I’m sorry,” for example, don’t help at all. You acknowledge the error. On the other hand, the following tips can help you if you are looking for: The best way to apologize

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Admitting mistakes

It is important to start from recognizing errors

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in Good excuseit is necessary to start from Recognize errors Which we actually adhered to, prof Sorry that no part of this is likely to be dishonest, for it will be formulated to please another and not necessarily to his will. So the first thing you need to do is get to know why it matters. Ask for forgiveness and included at the time of doing so.

It is normal to feel weak

Part of the reason we don’t want to sometimes Accept our mistakes It’s about not wanting to feel vulnerable. However, honesty and the ability to make mistakes can help us show a more human side that generates empathy rather than rejection in most cases. So don’t be afraid to be honest, even if this could be broken.

Understand other points of view

When you apologize, don’t expect your view of what happened to be the only one that matters. Instead, try to understand how other people felt and why they might be upset, because it will be useless if your apology is just a reiteration of why you think you were right. At this point it is important to learn Be a good listener

Don’t justify too much

when you apologizeDon’t focus on rationalizing your actions. That is, understanding why you acted in a certain way to try to justify yourself or name all the elements of context that might lead you to a particular action or speech. Instead, simply try to acknowledge that the other person may be offended by your behavior, and without wanting to rationally explain too much about what happened, respect how they feel.

Your apologies may address the concerns of others

When ApologizeTry to make your words include what the other person mentions as a problem, this way you will show them that you have paid attention to their needs and that you are interested in making them better.

Change your actions

Take action to show you care


Finally, if you have realized that they have a genuine interest in improving, implement the necessary actions to follow through on your word and be consistent with what you have to offer.

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