Summary Toluca vs Sivas (0-0): Matchday 12. Start 2022 Halftime

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All the party that the fans Sivas Y Toluca The blackout ended with both teams’ forwards unable to score a single goal Nemesio Dice StadiumIn a fight that had its controversial episode after the referee Cesar Ramos A marked Punishment And this VAR He fixed it.

With five minutes remaining, a penalty was awarded by the referee who saw a push as a corner kick ended. Walber Huerta On that day Jesus Orozco Chiquet. Everything was fine till then VAR Determined that a Fullback dunk And the emotion that kept everyone in suspense ended.

Then came a goal Calderon whipBut once again the VAR Adjudged that the match was offside. So the best emotions were determined from the monitor.

A serious game

A group of Nacho Ambris He recovered his memory to touch the ball and get hold of it, but he didn’t know how to put an end to the goalkeeper’s iron resistance. Miguel JimenezHe countered all red attacks, at least those that tried to get on target.

No turning back Leo Fernandez, who was injured in the previous game, helped a lot. The Crimson 10 entered with inspiration, but some lacked the clarity to win Sivas Leaning in once again Alexis Vega Create a better risk option with a saved shot Thiago Volpi.

Vega was the player with the most character in the Rojiblanco eleven, as evidenced by his yellow card after 78 minutes for claiming Assist 1. Miguel Angel Hernandez. The Mexico striker did not like the fact that a goal kick was taken instead of a corner kick in the previous game.

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Devils and their likes

Toluca tried several ways: free throws Jean Menezes Y Leo Fernandez It was deflected, goalkeeper first and defense second. Then they came to the city Marcel Ruiz And Fernando Navarro Passed the heart of the area, but the views were diverting.

Charlie Gonzalez He’s missing a ball to finish and should be one of those sacrificed to come off the bench and try something else. But nothing, the substitutions reduced the strength of the attack Devils Who came in even less danger and it all ended in a goalless draw for Salamonic.

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