After losing her identity, the host of ‘Hoy’ shows up on Telemundo’s morning show

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Miami, USA.- After spending more than 4 decades in shelter TelevisaA beloved actress and morning show guest host, TodayBy the afternoon of Sunday, September 4, he had managed to rebuild his career to such an extent that he had become a highly regarded celebrity. Telemundo Confirmed the arrival of this popular one in his morning variety shows. Find out who it is.

In 2020, St. Angel After nearly 43 years, the show shook up the business after confirming it had decided to end its working relationship with one of its most famous celebrities. Erika BuenfilHe came to act in melodramas like Marisol, Three girls Y True loves; However, from one moment to the next, the Ascaraga company withdrew its exclusivity, which is why the famous company entered into crisis and fell deeply. Depression; However, he began to let himself be defeated TikToksTo the point of becoming the ‘queen’ of this stage.

Photo by Erica Buenfil

As soon as he left Televisa, when Aztec TV Punefil has announced that it will be the host of its special event to be celebrated on December 12 Virgin GuadalupeMaybe cause San Angel to reconsider taking Erica away from him List of actressesSo they asked him to return with melodrama Get over the pastSoap opera Rosie Ocampo It was very successful.

As many know, the celebrity’s stay with Ascaraga was temporary as he continued to be a free agent, which allowed him to appear in various productions. The Braves of HBO. On the other hand, this Sunday company Miami Erica announced that she would be coming TodayA Telemundo show, actually hosted Adamari LopezShe was a top actress on televisa, so there will definitely be a big celebrity encounter.

Erika Buenfil is coming to Telemundo

Sources: Tribune, Instagram @encasacontelemundo

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