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Singer Was making a direct connection with the “America Hoy” program when presented by the conductors . To the surprise of the audience, the artist withdrew from the interview.

“Maria Gracia, please, I want you to clarify something for us, because first, I hope we need to be clear about things so as not to sell misinformation. The production team told us locally that you do not want to broadcast, we received this information from Pachakamak, is this version correct? “, Janet Barbosa said.

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Maria Gracia Bolanco has promised not to join because she is rehearsing: “What’s going on is, I’m focused on rehearsal, but hey, here I am, waiting to get out of jail.

Despite the apparent displeasure of Maria Gracia Bolanco, Tilsa Lozano stressed the issue They also focused on Carlos’ Tomato Barrazza:

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“Sorry for bothering you, but here Mr. Tomat tells me ‘this will be me’, I would like to ask Maria Gracia, Mr. Tilsa Lozano said.

“I have nothing here, I have nothing, I am a guest collaborator”, ‘Tomato’ Barrasa said.

At that time, Maria Gracia Bolanco disappeared from the screen and never spoke again.

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