New privacy and security features have arrived in WhatsApp

(CNN Español) – Before the end of the year, Share Two will release security and privacy updates, the other will save you from embarrassment.

This Tuesday, owns the instant messaging app Meta Announces that users can be heard before sending their voice messages, allowing them to be re-recorded if there are any errors. This feature will reach all WhatsApp users in the coming days.

Additionally, you can choose one of the additional privacy options to control temporary messages on WhatsApp “in the coming weeks”.

Function Launched last year Allows the user to delete messages within 24 hours or 90 days of sending, as decided, on the basis of “not all messages should always be saved”. Seven day option already in place, with photos and videos disappearing functionality After seeing once It was released in the summer.

Share. Single view photos and videos.

Innovations, users can enable temporary messages by default and they can be used in group chats.

However, keep in mind that not all temporary messages will disappear due to some limitations. For example, when you reply to a temporary message it will be in the chat and the same thing will happen if you send a temporary message to a chat that has disabled temporary messages.

Temporary messages can be enabled by default for all private chats in Settings> Account> Privacy> Default Duration.

In terms of security, the messaging app has about 2 billion users worldwide, according to Statistical statistics, Is about to launch a new security function related to whether or not your last connection is visible.

New feature, first reported WABetaInfo, Which will hide your connection status from people who are not saved in your contacts or who you have not yet spoken to.

“We & # 39; re pleased to release this update that enhances the privacy and security of our users, making it very difficult for strangers or strangers to see your last link or your status on WhatsApp. A WhatsApp spokesman told CNN.

As for WhatsApp, this update is currently in the distribution process, so there is no specific date for its release.

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