Joao Rojas responds with “white glove” to the dedication and humiliation of the Independent del Valle players after the completion of the Licapro Serie A | National Championship | Sports

Emelec footballer speaks of ‘inexperience’ and ‘failure’ reasons for the attitudes of juniors Sornosa, Fernando Guerrero and Marco Anglo.

After the ceremonies, With commitment and insults against Joao Rojas posted on social networks, Independente del Valle players Ecuador’s attack when they were declared Ecuador’s football champions last Sunday, in an interview with the chain Live TV, He responded “with white gloves” to the crimes he received from the striped Fernando Sigvi Guerrero, Marco Angulo and Junior Sornoza.

“I’m a guy who always tries to be a pioneer in every way, but I’m so horny, it’s hard for me to hide. With colleagues, technicians, tips and managers. But I want to emphasize what is seen in the video. Started blue.

Regarding his friendship with Anglo he said: We started with young people, I do not remember the name. This is understandable, His experience, lack of competition and immaturity motivate you to make those mistakes. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Rojas, on the other hand, remembered Guerrero’s father, Jose Fernando. The wolf He directed it at one point, and the new Peruvian Cianciano player did not win at Emelek (2020). “His father guided me when I was 12 and I know how honest he is. I hope you get a message from him after the game is over,” But it is still understandable as it failed to reach the emerald”.

Regarding Sornoza’s worst case scenario, the Emelek player was amazed at the sheer volume of his celebration: “Yes, it’s just as amazing to me as it is to him. SigviThey saw me growing in freedom, they saw me crying. Having a personal one that emphasizes a word that is strong enough to offend a particular community (“Mari … son …”) is not for me, because I am a gender, So there is no way it can hurt me”.

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“I never had a discussion or exchange of words with him (Sornosa) in the party. And I have insulted myself with many players on the field, but not with him. Except for the match with Paraguay (on the national team, for the World Cup), we were never partners and he never saw me say goodbye to the match. But after he was sent off against Chile I told him first that everything would be fine.”.

The attack did not have a grudge, he said, and pulled out a white glove: “Beyond talking about things that do not exist, I want to be a pioneer of things that should not be done. I have no strong feelings against him (Sornosa), and I do not want to. I’m glad it came. The only thing I can tell you is that I take off a white glove because I hope another type of glove will not resist.”.

Rojas did not know if he could talk to those who hurt him, and on Sunday his father told him to go look for the one who hurt him the most: “My father was drunk in the stadium suite, I was already finishing the game, so I got up where my family was, and my dad told me: ‘Look for him,’ Look for him ‘. I said to him: ‘Be quiet, there is a God, and life is spinning.’ I try to be a role model for my sisters. I could not say I would talk to him because I was a guy who respected himself. (D)

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