Danilo Medina predicts the success of PLD in 2024

Former President of Vin RepresentativePublic, Danilo Medina, That was predicted Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) Will win the election again 2024.

“The PLD There is no doubt that he will win the next national election, ”the two-time president promised.

“The PLD It exists, and we know it because we look at measurements made by people other than ourselves, “he said. Medina.

At a Christmas meeting held at the National Palace PLD, Danilo Medina He advised mayors and directors of municipal districts not to “push themselves.”

PLD warns to prosecute Danilo Medina management

“They should not force themselves, but it is good that they can do as little or as much as they can for their communities so that the community knows that some of the resources they receive by law are invested in communities and their leadership grows.” Danilo.

Fortaleza PLD

Medina He highlighted the strength of the Purple Party and warned that those seeking to destroy the work of the PLD government would be wasting their time.

“Even if you try to destroy someone’s job PLD The government is going to waste its time because as time goes on, people will talk more about returning PLD To power “.

He mentioned that the only challenge for him L PLD We need to quickly select a presidential candidate and unite to win the next election.

“It simply came to our notice then National Palace The purple flag and the yellow star, ”he concluded Danilo Medina.

It is noteworthy that the meeting held on the occasion of Christmas was organized by the General Secretariat and the Secretariat for Municipal Affairs.

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The PLD condemns the government’s transformation of the Accounts Board into a body of public ministry

This meeting helped to share ideas, actions and traditional ceremonies with their mayors and directors of the country’s municipalities.

The meeting was attended by 95 councilors and union executives PLD Led Danilo Medina, Charles Mariotti, Temstocles Montás, et al.

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