How to travel from Cuba to Uruguay with a visa?

Uruguay is one of the preferred destinations for Cubans to settle within Latin America due to the South American nation’s well-known hospitality to immigrants, particularly asylum seekers.

Although most Cubans arriving there go through the illegal route of Guyana, which is still maintained, they can travel legally with visas. If you want to try it the best way, we will tell you how to do it.

The first thing is to clarify that there is no free visa policy, despite the “fraternity” between the two countries, Cubans need a visa to travel there. For a tourist visa, you must go to the headquarters of the Uruguayan Embassy in Havana, which is Calle 36 no. Located at 716 e/ 7ma y 17, Miramar. They also have a general email address for questions: [email protected].

A tourist visa to Cuba for Uruguay is valid for up to 90 days and does not include any type of authorization for work or other labor activities. Those interested need a letter of invitation from a relative or friend in that country who is willing to cover the expenses of Cuban travelers. A relative or friend will in all cases accept responsibility before the authorities in Cuba.

How to get a tourist visa from Cuba to Uruguay?

Uruguayan consular officials in Havana may request the economic resources of interested parties, such as bank accounts or properties on the island, which reveal the potential tourist’s indebtedness in Uruguay. Visa appointment request is also done online This link.

After a successful request, they will give you an appointment date at the consulate. During that appointment, you will need to bring the necessary documents, originals and copies in many cases. According to an update, the cost of the visa will be 1008 Cuban pesos web Tell that to CubaRecently.

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What documents should you bring to the appointment?

A photocopy of the Cuban passport where the applicant’s data appears, clearly visible, with a photograph of the applicant, measuring 50 mm x 50 mm. Tour ticket, hotel reservation, letter of invitation from a resident of Uruguay where he assumes financial responsibility and proof of financial solvency of the tourist visa applicant to visit Uruguay.

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