Netflix faces lawsuit over squid game; Will there be a season 2?

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All of this is not good news Successful series’Squid game‘So, inside South Korea, The origin of popular content, a Service Provider From the Internet Requires Netflix Due to the ‘boom’ of the series.

According to information from Reuters, SK sued Broadband Streaming Company Because it assumes the company should be Pays extra bandwidth You use it to absorb all the extra traffic you generate in the series ‘The Squid Game’ and ‘DB’

In this situation, Netflix He announced it SK will review Broadband’s claimIn addition, it seeks a dialogue with victims in order to work with the provider and ensure that its consumers are not harmed.

According to the same web provider, Myetflix Is South Korea’s second largest transport generator, Surpassed only YouTube. It is noteworthy that unlike Apple, Facebook and Amazon, the American Red Writing Company is not the only one paying for the use of the network.

Increase in recent years

Series though ‘The Squid Game’ Screened in 2021, S.K. Broadband described Traffic generated Netflix In South KoreaR has increased 24 times since May 2018 1.2 trillion bits Data per second in September, the month in which the popular South Korean series was released.

Based on this increase, the provider demands Netflix page for network usageTherefore, it is estimated that the company will pay approximately $ 22.9 million Due to excessive registration on the network 2020.

Will there be a season 2?

Despite the success ‘The Squid Game’, Far Netflix or production They have confirmed whether there will be a second season Due to the plot, there may be new episodes of the story it directed Hwang Tong-hyuk.

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