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As a result of the fact that one of the most mediated trials in recent years in the United States has taken place between two celebrities of international repute: Y Many users Each cast recalls the past.

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If you go back a few years in the life of an actress “Son of the Ocean”, There was an awakening in that passage of her life in which she had a romantic relationship The Mexican actor has starred in several soap operas.

The incident went viral on various social media sites such as Facebook and So it became the topic of the moment, so let’s now briefly remember the relationship between the actors.

What was the relationship between Amber Heard and Valentino Lance?

The two artists met in early 2006, when Valentino was already a leading man in several soap operas. The 31-year-old blonde actress started her career at just 20 years old Hollywood.

The love affair between the two was witnessed when the two started going together for various events Y It makes clear that their relationship is going from strength to strength.

However, the plans between them never materialized, and 10 months after they started dating, they go their separate ways, and some people still remember that relationship today.

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Valentino Lonas and Amber Heard a couple in 2006 (Photo: Twitter)

What is Valentino Lance currently doing?

After years of success in soap operas, the actor decided to retire to pursue other goals and dreams.

That’s how he became a spiritual guide and yoga instructor, and he was much listened to by hundreds of people.

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