Alex Syntek receives attacks for “throwing Carole G's album down the toilet”.

Singer-songwriter Alex Syntek Carol G receives attacks from fans after flushing the urban mogul's latest album, “Manana Be Good,” down the toilet.

During a dynamic on “The Podcast + Order,” he had to choose the records he wanted from his collection and throw the ones he rejected down the toilet.

“It doesn't suit me because I don't identify with the songs, I know it's loved by the whole kids community now, but they have to understand that it's not for anyone my age,” he explained.

As a result of the interpreter's comment “you need”, he has received a wave of criticism, and they demand that he respect his colleagues.

“What a lack of respect, even if he's not in the generation, artists should be respected, that's why jealousy won't let them progress”, “That man hasn't released a single song in years, how bitter” , “Much respect to you @alexsintel “He went to #%*+ and it's not done ,” some read.

The albums of Bellanova, Taylor Swift, Gustavo Cerati, Danna Paula, Jose and Shakira band the Mexican artist decided to leave for his collection.

Although Cintek makes it clear that she doesn't like Shakira's new music, she accepts her previous work on “Pais Descalsos”.

“This is the Shakira we miss, she wrote beautiful lyrics, beautiful songs, but the new thing about her doesn't make me very happy,” he said.

On the Colombian's track featuring Bizarrap, she vows to respect her children's father.

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