Canada imposes new sanctions on Putin and Lavrov’s daughters over invasion of Ukraine

As a result, Canada on Tuesday announced new sanctions against several Russian citizens Invasion of Ukraine, Of them Daughters of the President, Vladimir Putin, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, as well as various businessmen and oligarchs and their family members.

Fourteen people have been blacklisted by Canadian authorities for “close cooperation with the Russian regime. Vinokurova and his wife Maria Lavrova.

In turn, the head of the Central Bank of Russia was Elvira Nabiullina and thirteen, some of whom were prominent businessmen and oligarchs, Peter Aven, Mikhail Friedman, German Kahn and Oleg Poyko.

“These actions prove that Canada will not back down from its efforts to detain Russian President Vladimir Putin. Partners for being complicit in the invasion of Ukraine“, Stated the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie has pointed out that while Russia’s occupation will continue, Canada will continue to impose. “Severe costs to the Russian regime” It “relentlessly seeks responsibility” for all those who cooperated with its allies and cooperated in the Moscow offensive.

“They will be held accountable for their crimes,” Jolie stressed, adding that Canada would continue to support the “brave” Ukrainians in their “struggle for independence”.

Since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, Canada has imposed sanctions and visa restrictions on more than 1,200 individuals and companies, while Putin has called. “Special function”750 allowed are Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

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