The harsh warning issued by a former employee of Jeff Bezos about a spacecraft

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A former employee of Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ aerospace company, gave an extensive interview in which she talked about ship safety and the work environment in which billionaire employees live. In the report broadcast by CBS, Alexandra Abrams revealed information that caused a stir in the space world.

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Abrams was the head of communications for the company that was founded in 2000, and with a group of 20 workers (some no longer part of the company but others), they released a text claiming that in the 2018 trials, the team documented “more than 1,000 reports of technical problems with the engines that Blue Origin rockets run never processed.”

When asked by presenter Laurie Segal if she would trust a spacecraft to travel to space, the woman answered bluntly, “Unfortunately, I wouldn’t trust a Blue Origin spacecraft going into space.” As they warned the TV network, an unidentified person who worked for the company confirmed that he “would not feel comfortable flying in the company’s spaceship.”

Abrams highlighted the work and courage of his colleagues for the collaboration they had in this time documenting absolutely everything to present to the Federal Aviation Administration (FFA). “The people who signed this article are amazing, brave and wonderful human beings. I look at this group and see fighters for truth, for safety and quality.

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