Costco can impose penalties on its members: What might lead them to cancel your membership? | News from Mexico

Costcothe well-known wholesale chain of stores, which offers a wide range of products and household appliances, issued a Warning to its membershighlighting that membership provides access to exclusive benefits, special promotions and free services, with costs ranging from 500 to 1,000 pesos.

One of the pillars of membership programs is customer loyalty, because by having access to an exclusive club, members feel preferential treatment. This feeling, coupled with exclusive offers, creates brand loyalty. However, Costco stresses the importance Follow your own rulesAccording to information from debate.

Costco detailed Penalties Which can apply to its partners in case of non-compliance:

Temporary suspension: Members who do not treat other members or staff of the club with dignity, or who do not adhere to hygiene, safety and discipline procedures, may face temporary suspension.

Cancellation of membershipMembership cancellation will apply in more serious cases, such as accumulating two temporary suspensions, abusing or seriously injuring other members, guests or staff, causing damage to facilities, attempting to steal merchandise without paying or failing to pay membership fees in a timely manner. Membership Renewal Annual.

the Costco Membership It allows customers to purchase items in larger quantities and at lower prices than traditional supermarkets, both in physical stores and online. However, it is essential that members follow the club’s rules to maintain their status and enjoy their exclusive benefits.

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