NASA has released an amazing image of the “photo” of the Milky Way (photo)

The center of the Milky Way as seen by the Lunar X-ray Laboratory
NASA / CXC / Umas / QT Wang, NRF / Sarao / Meerkat / AP

A total of 370 observations made by the X-ray laboratory Chandra Focuses on a shock Image of the “center” of the Milky Way Published by NASA, reports Andhra.

The map depicts Billion stars, As well as Plenty of black holes In the heart of our galaxy, located 26,000 light-years from Earth. In contrast, experts turned to a radio telescope located in South Africa.

“What we see in the picture is a violent or energetic ecosystem at the center of our galaxy. There are many remnants of supernovae (star explosions), black holes and neutron stars. Each X-ray point or feature represents an energy source, most of which are in the center,” he commented. Daniel Wang |, An astronomer at the University of Massachusetts (USA), needed a whole year to complete this work, which he undertook while at home due to an infection.

The Chandra X-ray Laboratory is a satellite launched by the United States Space Agency on July 23, 1999. These types of devices are sent into space because the Earth’s atmosphere absorbs most of the X-rays, so conventional telescopes fail to detect them.

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