Messi’s teammate in Argentina asks Conte’s golden ball: ‘Do enough marketing and do justice’ – Dice

Ngolo Kant The most valuable warrior of the new king Champions League, Chelsea, At the end of the season he was stunned by his impeccable acting.

The French midfielder did not stop receiving praise from all over the world as many fans and now even football players are shouting for the award. Golden Ball Of 2021.

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In the Instagram post TNT game There it shows a set Conte With all due respect, your team player, Willie Caballero, Usually sharing a wardrobe Messi In Argentina, he delivered his approval with a strong message.

“Absolutely agreed, enough marketing and do justice to this player,” said the 39-year-old goalkeeper.

However, the award for the best footballer on the planet is not something that will snatch sleep at this time Conte, Because he is enjoying success Champions With Chelsea.

“Thinking of Ballon d’Or? No, we’re enjoying it now Champions LeagueThen there is the Euro with the French national team. Incredible. Try harder. It is pride and joy. This is the runner-up (his Man of the Match award), the main thing we did. Reward success. This is the result of a lot of effort and the work of the whole team, ”he said. This is difficult An RMC game.

“We are very happy, we are very proud. It is the result of a lot of effort from everyone. Some good results, some bad ones. But we stuck together, we did very well in the second half of the season, and now we enjoy this title all together,” the French midfielder concluded.

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