President Abinader Dominican greets mothers on their day

President Louis Abinader congratulated the Dominican mothers this Sunday, highlighting the warmth their mother always gives and the example of the mother of his wife, Raquel Arbaje.

“The most sincere warmth my mother will give me is always waiting for me with open arms ready to protect and comfort me at all times. As a son, I make sure this protection is mutual and unconditional,” the head of state wrote on his Instagram account.

Abinadar also expressed his love and exemplified the example of his wife, First Lady Raquel Arbaje.

“I love you for being who you are with your children; I love you for becoming such a model for our daughters ra ragal arbaje… Happy Dominican Mother’s Day,” he wrote on Instagram.

He later tweeted: “Today Dominican is a very special day for us. We celebrate Mother’s Day. Many will hug their mother, others will remember her from afar. A big hug to all Dominican mothers. Congratulations to மகraquelarbaje, the mother of my daughters, and my mother Sula!”

Cervical Arpaje

The first lady also used social media to greet Dominican mothers

“Today I would like to dedicate these words to Dominican mothers: they perform better! Although this phrase is short when trying to describe the extraordinary work they do. That is why I invite you to enjoy this message together. Happy Mother’s Day, ”wrote Raquel Arbaje on Twitter.

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