Much of the concessioned public space is still in the hands of private individuals

Despite efforts and the recovery of thousands of square meters of public space to enjoy cocotinos by the mayor’s office, the same has not happened with the concessions of parks and sports venues that have been handed over to private hands in disputed concessions. It took place in the last days of the administration of Cesar Rojas.

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only eight general stages, Of the 26 that were handed over to individuals for organization and administration, they have been liquidated and are now managed again by the office of the current mayor, Jairo Yanez.

In January 2020, indeed Mayor Yanez denounced what he called a “coup.” inocentada’, because all franchise contracts were signed on December 28, Sacred Innocents Day, and just three days before César Rojas’ term ended.

In his first reaction in that jan about Yanez urged “exhibition of public space”The franchisees preferred to opt out of these contracts “because the scenarios are for the community, not the individuals.”

for communities, Gandolfo “move” caused the divorce because the sports grounds and The gardens were built with public money, and once granted, they had to pay to use it, which for the inhabitants of those strips, like Freddy Bigger, meant unprecedented outrage.

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But also Yanez declared at the beginning of his term that his administration would oppose these concessions through the courts.

The opinion I learned that although the procedures for requesting the abolition of these concessions had been initiated, they were not prosperous and the request was not mentioned, and for this reason any action in this sense was delegated, from now on, to the Planning Secretariat in the municipality.

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After three years and four months of term De Yanez, the little that was done was in the hands of the formerTo the planning secretary of his administration, Margarita Contreras, who managed to liquidate 15 concessions, but among them, only 8 public places were returned to the mayor’s office, the rest remaining in the hands of private merchants who, in exchange for keeping the place. Clean them right to use.

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This is the situation “Fruit Ski” in El Malecon (Avenida Los Libertadores), Campolos Park, the artificial pitches in the Pescadero neighborhood, Ridoma los Ventos, Plazuleta el Malecon (pedestrian bridge over the river), and Valles del Este park, which the franchisees insist they have the right and permission to remain there because of the work they’ve carried out there for over 20 years. .

“Last year, at work tables, we talked with planning and police inspections and it was agreed that this year we will again sign an agreement that allows us to continue where we are in the Malecón, but we haven’t got to meet with the sheriff’s office to make it real,” Lewis said. Sandoval, manager of the franchise called El Patín de las Frutas, of La Opinión, which he claims has been there for more than 25 years.

through passage Marcela Rodriguez, who succeeded Contreras in office, The liquidation and restoration of licensed public spaces remained frozen, and it is clear that it will remain so for the remainder of Yanez’s term.

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Retrievers to give up

Many complaints against The mayor’s office was heard from the leaders the local community in recent weeks, as it has been reported that parks, fields and public spaces have been abandoned in the hands of the municipal administration.

One of those scenarioskokota park 300 years old It was constructed during the Dunamares Ramirez administration, at a cost of more than $8,000 million, and all of its furniture was vandalized, including the multicolored water fountain system, which had been an attraction of the site.

But what he misses most about this park, located between 8th and 9th Streets with 1st and 2nd Streets, is that a modern parking lot with a capacity of 200 cars was built, as in the Yanez Department, it never was. It entered service and, on the contrary, became a cemetery for damaged lamps from the General Lighting Service.

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Another general stage of reclaimed the mayor’s office, But at its most abandoned, is Metropolitan Park. There, with each passing day, more fences appear on the property, from the supposed owners, and the small, yet-to-be-invaded area has been converted into a driving track for apprentices by an education company bringing up to five cars to the site, as well as for the tennis academy that has settled there. More than eight years ago and ensured that all three pitches were not overrun with weeds.

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Not to mention the Cristo Rey Monument, which has been redesigned for the office of Mayor Cesar Rojas It invested more than 9,000 million pesos, but during the administration of Jairo Yanez, the commercial buildings erected there could not be fully operational, and most of them are still closed.

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