Prince William: “Dad, we’re so proud of you”

Prince William of Wales, heir to the British crown, spoke at Sunday’s coronation in a glowing image of his father, King Charles III, with a brief speech: “Dad, we are so proud. Yours”.

“My father’s first words as he entered Westminster Abbey yesterday (at the coronation) were a promise of service, a promise to continue to serve. Because for more than 50 years, in the UK, the Commonwealth and every corner of the world, it has been dedicated to serving others,” said Guillermo.

The heiress exemplifies her father’s commitment in many areas: conservation, the work of his foundation, Binns’ Foundation, and his understanding that religious and cultural diversity should be celebrated and supported.

“Dad, we are all very proud of you,” the Prince of Wales said, as cameras showed the monarch with his wife, Queen Camilla.

He also had words to remember his grandmother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, who he quoted as saying, “Coronations are a declaration of our hope for the future.”

“I know she’s out there, keeping a loving eye on us. And she’d be a proud mother.”

Guillermo concluded his brief speech by expressing his “pride and gratitude” to the “millions of people who serve in the armed forces, in the classroom, in hospitals and in local communities.”

“I promise to serve King, Country and Commonwealth,” Guillermo concluded.

The concert at Windsor Castle sets the musical tone for Carlos III’s coronation, the centerpiece of which took place yesterday, Saturday, at Westminster Abbey.

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