Connect with The Weeknd in the immersive space created by Binance

The Weeknd She seeks to innovate the experience for her fans on her world tour Hours later until dawn. That’s why he cooperated with him BinanceInternational Exchange Company digital currencies, In order to create immersive experiences, metaverseand augmented reality, among others.

The good news? These virtual activities will be available to the community latin americaBecause it’s the next stop a trip Artist’s world. If you go to the concert, find out how you can be closer to her The Weeknd And get commodity Official through its innovative alliance with Binance.

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Binance And The Weeknd They know that intolerance can also be experienced in… world of the InternetThat’s why they launched the platform Enter the dimension (, created with Web technology 3. It’s about a Immersive space Where Internet users can enjoy various games and even access… metaverse Specially designed for Canadian singer fans.

The site is completely intuitive. Upon entering, three options appear, the first of which gives you the opportunity to obtain a special filter for Instagram. While the rest is more interactive.

If you like games, you can try Dimension Puzzle Box where you have to solve puzzles, as well as recreate the arrangement of the melody. But if you prefer complete immersion in the virtual world, we recommend Metaverse Dimension.

In this latest experience, you can create and customize your own avatar. When you’re done, you can explore the space collection especially for fans The Weeknd And solve various tasks.

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You should know that completing challenges on the official website may help you win concert tickets and exclusive merchandise. So far, more than 30,000 fans have participated Enter the dimension 15,000 souvenirs were distributed NFTs In 14 countries.

Attendees of the artist’s world tour will also be able to gain other benefits from the collaboration. The audience will get NFTs A souvenir gives them access to signed items and exclusive VIP experiences.

But it won’t be the only thing. Binance will launch an exclusive collection of NFTs to Hours later until dawnWhich will contain distinctive artwork and provide access to attractive features.

In addition, some of the cities on this tour The Weeknd in latin america They will have a portal Augmented reality. Basically, it’s a multi-dimensional cube whose design is inspired by a logo Binance Which can be accessed by simply scanning a file QR code She lies in front of him.

Attendees at the ceremony Monterey, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo And Buenos Aires They will be among the lucky ones who will be able to interact with it, which will allow them to have the chance to win exclusive products.

The initiative also seeks to achieve a charitable cause in cooperation with United Nations World Food Programme. Binance Donate $2 million to XO Humanitarian Fundmanaged before US World Food ProgrammeTo help provide food aid to people who need it. Likewise, 5% of exclusive collection sales from NFTs The tour will be donated to XO Humanitarian Fund.

a tour The Weeknd by latin america It includes 9 cities in 7 countries. The day has begun September 26 in Monterey And will continue to Mexico City on the 29th and 30th in Foro Sol. Later Octobervisits Bogotácolombia; Rio de Janeiro Sao Paulo, Brazil; SantiagoChili pepper; Buenos Aires, Argentina; It will end in LimePeru.

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