Croatia enters the Schengen Area in January: Farewell to the visa process!

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Attention travelers! Croatia become part of Schengen areaafter the European Union member states agreed to its accession, what does that mean No processing will be required visa to visit this country. According to the international media, Croatia It is the 27th member of the region where you can move freely without border controls. However, the candidacies of Bulgaria and Romania were rejected, as the three countries have long been claiming to join the Schengen Area, which includes most of the bloc’s 27 countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Once added to Croatia Queues for cars at the borders with Hungary and Slovenia to enter the country will be eliminated, and now tourism can be promoted much more. So if you want to know more about the charm of this country, which is now part of Schengen areaPack your bags because we’ll let you know when I don’t know will require visa to enter.

When will you be able to enter Croatia without a visa?

Croatia will become part of Schengen area From 1 January 2023, once it has been validated, from 8 December by the EU Home Ministers. Therefore, from that date, the controls will be lifted on people from the countries included in the so-called zone, both at the land and sea borders of Croatia. While at the airport facilities, controls will be lifted from March 26, coinciding with the end of the IATA summer/winter schedule.

Croatia will indeed be a visa-free country. (pixels)

Croatia It is a country located in Eastern Europe with a long coastline in the Adriatic Sea, where you can enjoy more than a thousand islands and how you cross the Dinaric Alps. Among the must-see sites Croatia There are Plitvice Lakes, as well as Dubrovnik, where you’ll see the crown jewels of the country and recognize it for being the scene of Game of Thrones as “King’s Landing.”

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The Adriatic Islands are an incomparable destination that you must travel to between the months of May and October, as the weather is perfect to allow you to enjoy the islands. Croatia. Among the must-see destinations are Hvar Island, Korcula Island, Brac Island, etc. It is recommended to spend a day or two on these islands, as there are a variety of activities and sites for you to explore.

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