Green space or landfill?

The fervor for the recent municipal elections, where almost all the candidates showed “deep concern” to recover the almost annihilated green spaces of the capital, which now more closely resemble minefields, no man’s territories, improvised human settlements, is waning in time. abandoned and dirty.

The parks, squares and public spaces where there is minimal infrastructure with trees that serve as a lung against the city’s smog and the effects of climate change, have now become poles of irregular occupation, of robbery or small landfills, with almost no communal intervention for cleaning or correction of that unfortunate social derivation.

For examples, we have many cases: Caballero Park, which in other decades was the green pride with an Olympic pool and wonderful spaces; the squares in front of the Cabildo, emergency sites where ultra-precarious homes without basic services stand; the four squares in the downtown area – near the Hotel Guaraní – almost dark and without much care; they are part of the landscape of daily bitterness.

At the start of the new municipal administration in the capital, the urgency and priorities focused on taking on new debts to pay the salary of the oversized payroll of civil servants, many of them without a specific function and the result of political favors, that is, the counterpart of the pre-election work to get more adherents; or officials screwed under his charge to his juicy income.

In order to keep the rosca that already acts as a mafia within the framework of an institution such as the Asuncena Municipality, the primary functions within which the conservation of citizen spaces are abandoned (in this case, those of greenery and that oxygenate the city) must have the necessary investment, which transforms the deplorable image of piled up garbage, poor light and security, deteriorated games, etc., to places for healthy recreation.

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What is left for the family that in summer will not be able to enjoy even the nearest stream, because their budget is not enough? Or those who urge to get away from the noise and the asphalt momentarily, taking a bike ride or simply breathing in some uncontaminated air? Are policies being drawn up to serve that citizenship eager to relax in green spaces?

Certainly, many complaints, claims, attempts to raise awareness have already been made, so that authorities and citizens contribute (each with their responsibility) to the conservation or restoration of squares and parks. Some response was translated a long time ago with the grating of certain spaces, trying to avoid robbery and misuse of those places, but they do not speak well of the civility that the common citizen should express.

And another action is hardly contemplated, except for sporadic “patches”, without a medium and long-term work to return to the people that ecosystem, synonymous with physical health, but also emotional, in times it is that more alternatives are needed to the time to compensate the taxes paid to the Municipality.

This stricter control of the resources managed, and where they end up, depends a lot on the inhabitants, because the perception (and security many times) is that what is truly important is left aside, to feed the clientele of ineffective people who they populate the municipal building without precise responsibilities. Only a more active participation of the people in municipal public policies will be able to land at that desired good port, where families can enjoy a clean and tidy plaza under the trees, and comply with taxes at ease. To the extent that there is more involvement and proposals from the neighborhood commissions, deterioration can be transformed into renewal and recovery.

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Meanwhile, you can continue the great feast behind the backs of the public.

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