Actress Adamari Lopez may screen a new beauty

Any news related to a driver today and Favorite actresses TV is obviously screening a new beauty, we are talking Adamari Lopez Who was seen with a companion very close to her.

It is noteworthy that when he and many friends celebrated a good night to celebrate the birthday of one of them, some rumors have been unleashed from a young age.

Curiously, 4 beautiful women used the same design of green dress, however this time we will focus. Adamari LopezIt is noteworthy that all four of them looked spectacular and beautiful.

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The current moderator of the reality show Así Se Baila appeared in some Instagram stories, according to TV and Notes magazine, with a man who may be with her. The new beauty as they say, Because it does not deviate from it.

The party this weekend was held at night in a restaurant, so the lights are even more important.

Atamari Lopez says they can release a new heartbeat | Instagram Adamarilops

After her divorce from Tony Costa, it seems that Amigas Y Rivals may have given another romantic chance to that beautiful actress who played one of the heroines in the soap opera, which is not currently confirmed.

As they split more than once, there were many rumors about the new couple, one of which was much talked about with his partner on a reality show attended by Kimberly Loisa and Juan de Dios Pantoza, Judge Christian de la Fuvente.

Without Adamari Lopez She has been given the task of refuting these assumptions, and of course she wants to focus on her work, her daughter and above all her.

With this impressive body change she had, it would not be surprising if anyone who wanted to go out on a date with her or at least have a conversation with the beautiful Puerto Rican knocked on her door and stood in line.

At this point, no further details about the flirt driver’s new heartbeat are known, and perhaps it is no coincidence that they appear together at the party, although it is likely to be a close friend of hers.

A lot has been said that he is likely to reconcile with his daughter’s father Tony Costa, although on several occasions the actress has made it clear that she will not return with him as a result of the act of love, but will never return to herself. As is the case for millions of women.

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