They chase Clara Xia and PQ out of the restaurant with Shakira Mediotiembo


Clara Chia Marty and Gerard PiqueThey keep giving people something to talk about amid the controversies of recent months. In this case The couple was kicked out of a Japanese restaurantAt the request of the owner, this is because he is a fan Shakira.

What happened to PQ and Clara Xia?

The story came to light through the video TikTok In it they claim to be a 22-year-old woman and a former footballer FC Barcelona Tried to get into a famous company Spain. However, the owner would have refused to serve them.

You can see how in the video Clara Chia She leaves a restaurant annoyed, however, this does not provide much context, as some users of social networks explained. The owner of the restaurant likes Shakira. Reason for being asked to leave the facility. Within the audiovisual material, the young woman begins to get into a car, clearly irritated PQ.

On the other hand, in the pictures shown online, it is seen Clear Sad already Gerrard Holding his partner’s bag. Apparently, this would have happened minutes after they were kicked out of the establishment. “The restaurant owner is very loyal Shakira The same PQ“”, “I wouldn’t have taken them out in her place, I would have put all Shakira’s songs on them”, “Congratulations to the owner” and “They are paying their karma”, were some of the comments shared by users. TikTok.

Viral video on TikTok

Along with this, it is estimated Clara Chia and Gerard Piguet They would have given the restaurant bad publicity “Naughty Doucet” Since, obviously, that would have been the place Ex-Footballer Cheated on Shakira on First Dates Hence, the users gave negative ratings to the place and this would have given a decrease in the number of customers.

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