Verification badge for Instagram and Facebook will be paid

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Mark Zuckerberg announced on your Facebook profile a new product called Meta Verified; Basically a paid monthly subscription that allows you to verify your account on Instagram and other Meta social networks.

Subscription costs $12 per month ($15 if you sign up from an iPhone, due to App Store fees) and requires you to provide an official document, such as your ID. In addition to a blue verification badge, a paid user gets additional protection against phishing and direct access to customer support, probably three of the most requested questions to the Meta by users who have some notoriety and see fake profiles with their picture on or experience account theft that they can’t solve. Because they have no way to connect to Instagram or Facebook directly.

The blue badge is also a very desirable distinction, but it will naturally lose its value now that it can be purchased, as happened with Twitter. At the very least, Meta will take verification seriously from the get-go; Twitter Elon Musk He suffered a brief reputational crisis After checking users who pretended to be celebrities, politicians, and corporations. According to Zuckerberg, Meta will be able to find and remove fraudulent accounts more efficiently thanks to the new system based on official documents.

However, who would say that the owner of the world’s largest and most profitable social network would end up copying Elon Musk’s Twitter business model on her own platform.. But this is already known: when you see your neighbor’s beard getting soaked.

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