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With the presence of the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, the activities prior to the Seventh Ordinary Period of Sessions of the IX Legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP) continue this Thursday, which will take place on October 27 and 28.

Deputy Roberto Morales Ojeda, member of the Political Bureau and Secretary for Organization and Politics of Cadres of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, presented some ideas, concepts and guidelines of the 8th. Party Congress.

As the main actions carried out in the implementation process, he highlighted that the Central Committee Secretariat, chaired by the First Secretary, made a tour throughout the country in which a similar action was presented and exchanged on the implementation of what was approved in Congress. made by the provinces with respect to the municipalities and districts.

He highlighted that the Government and the institutions are working on the process of implementation and compliance with the Guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution for the period 2021-2026, based on macro-programs, programs and projects, with the participation of the Central Committee departments.

Monitoring the implementation of the Ordering Task and compliance with the implementation of economic measures to confront the current situation have been at the center of the attention of the Party and the Government.

In the midst of the complex context in which the economy is developing, progress has continued in the Social Economic Strategy, implementing 210 measures out of the 314 approved in its update.

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«In parallel to the strengthening of the Socialist State Enterprise, the main subject of our economic model, the improvement of the economic actors has been implemented, which includes the application of the list of activities not authorized by the Non-State Management Forms; the ordering and expansion of self-employment; the continuity of work in CNAs and MSMEs, “he said.

He pointed out that another 63 measures were approved to boost agricultural production and its commercialization, which have been politically assured.

Morales Ojeda said that the Political Bureau approved two working groups aimed at confronting the current situation in the country: the political and the economic group, both chaired by members of this governing body.

Ten temporary working groups were constituted with experts, scientists and advisers, among them those aimed at revitalizing and invigorating the political-ideological work, implementing the Strategy for the Policy of Pictures in the period 2021-2026, the communicational redesign, the conservation of historical memory and the organization’s digital transformation program.

The Program for the Improvement of the School System of the Party School system is implemented, with a modern and inclusive vision, its conversion to the university at the national level, to faculties in the provinces and university headquarters in the municipalities.

In principle, the colleagues to whom the transit model for the Tables can be applied were defined, in order to make their performance in different responsibilities feasible.

The provincial committees of the Party updated the plans and measures to confront the political-ideological subversion, as part of this, the formation of the Rapid Response Detachments, their missions and the preparation of their members, and the work in the networks was strengthened. social.

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He added that the First Secretary of the Party has held more than 15 meetings with different sectors of Cuban society, including young workers and students from different sectors.

427 proposals have been generated for which a system of attention has been created by the Party, the UJC, the Government, which are followed up. Among them, it is proposed:

– The existence of obstacles in the processes of implementation of food production measures.

– Failures in political communication.

– Greater attention to young people, listening to them and getting involved in all impact tasks.

– Insufficient prevention and confrontation with the manifestations of indiscipline, crimes and illegalities.

– The religious sector demands greater participation from Cuban society.

Morales Ojeda specified that the link and exchange of the Party in the neighborhoods and communities where mass and social organizations are involved together with the OACE and OSDE, national and provincial entities, fundamentally in the solution of community problems and the strengthening ideological work.

He added that the Party follows up on the process of improving the People’s Power, likewise, the processes of popular consultation and referendum on the Family Code are politically assured, likewise, processes organized by the UPEC are supported in their grassroots organizations to debate the reports made to the press in Congress.

«To face the Party’s tasks from the pillars defined by the 8th. Congress, the departments of the Central Committee pay differentiated attention to the improvement of the internal life of the Party, to the management of communication, to the visibility of the work of the party organization; the political-ideological activity, the work to enforce the strategy and the transit model for the cadres and the management in the economic and social sphere, considering computerization, communication and science and innovation, ”he said.

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He commented that everything expressed here must lead us to a process that guarantees us that the internal life of the Party is strengthened and in this way we can make the external life much better and that it has to do with the quality and well-being of our village.

“In this way we will be making our Party more and more democratic and participatory,” he concluded.

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