They use sleeping drops in it without your permission

First Reality show From Telemundo Famous house Launched is being developed by some of its participants Controversy And became the focus of attention on social networks on the Internet, thanks to everything that happens in the project, including some things out of control as Kimberly Flores and Edwin Luna experienced the darkest moment in their relationship.

Focus this time The audience One focused Conversation That created one of those divisive ideas Participants Users who notice this have admitted to another issue with red flags Entertainment On their screens.

That was about it Veronica Montes Speaks with KP Spanish They admitted to using a controversial conversation that was recently removed from the show Sleeping drops On Alicia Machado And Pablo Montero, they did not know, or they were not allowed to manage them.

“She fell asleep, I gave her a drop, I gave her Pablo, I gave her,” Veronica revealed in words to KP, not even surprised by the situation in which the other participant recognized the action taken. .

Of course, this situation was widely shared on social networks, internet users could not believe the wrongdoing he did, and in another post of the program you can see how they comment on this fact, but jokingly, Christina Eustace was in charge of confirming what happened where.

“We were a little scared that Alicia would wake up, but you don’t have to worry, they gave her drops to sleep on,” were the words we could see in the video shared on the Twitter site.

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In addition, in the video where we can see Veronica and Spaniard, they can be seen showing the action as positive, so users do not quickly accept their acting style.

“We demand justice for Alicia Machado. We were able to see the anger in some of these comments and how badly they noticed these kinds of actions of the participants.

“He’s trying against his life. They should be prosecuted when they leave the project.”

Most of the controversy surrounding this reality show focuses on verbal conflicts, however, this is the first time something known to have affected the health of some members.

Despite the claims so far, the television network working in the United States has not said anything about it, so it is not clear if there will be any clearance against Veronica Montes Cape Spanique and Christina Eustace, even though Spanique is no more. Participates in the show.

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