Blue Origin publishes images of its futuristic orbital base that promises to change the way we live and work in space by 2030


October 26, 2021 10:02 GMT

Orbital Reef seeks to accommodate research, production and space tourism missions.

Private aerospace company Blue Origin will lead the project for the first commercial orbital base that will serve as a commercial orbital base “Mixed-use commercial complex” It will host up to ten astronauts assigned to various missions.

base plans Coral reefs (‘Orbital Reef’), scheduled to be placed in low Earth orbit between 2025 and 2030, was announced in release A joint venture between Jeff Bezos and Sierra Space.

The project, which is designed to “open space for research, production and commercial tourism,” will be the product of the collaboration of several companies and entities, including Boeing, Redwire Space, Genesis Engineering Solutions and Arizona State University.

The station will be put into orbit with a reusable rocket New Glen by Blue Origin. Promoted as a A revolution in spaceflight and commerce Which will reinvent life and work in space, the project offers few details about its future operations, how many units it will contain or how it will handle the logistical challenges of space missions.

“Experienced space agencies, high-tech associations, sovereign states without space programmes, media and tourism companies, entrepreneurs, backed inventors, and forward-thinking investors, Everyone will have a place In Orbital Reef”.

Details about project costs were not disclosed. Blue Origin has Completed Two successful trips Subtropical tourists since July on board the New Shepard, which carries four people each space limits, the so-called Karman Line, which is located at an altitude of 100 km above sea level.

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